GTA 5 IOS free Download no Jailbreak {Latest Version} 2020

GTA 5 IOS – Are you tired of playing GTA 5 on PC? If yes, then here is the solution. Now you can play it on your mobile devices as well. Yes, GTA 5 APK is the version that allows you to play this game on mobile devices like Android and iOS both. So, enjoy the game anytime and anywhere you want. And the fun will be never-ending.

gta 5 ios

Among many exciting games, GTA 5 is the best game to play on iOS. It is an action-adventure game full of exciting features. It develops an interest in the player due to its amazing designs, weapons, and missions. The game takes you to ride in the sky and enables you to take wings by flying planes in the air.


GTA 5 is for those who want interesting and unique stuff all in just one place. If you’re going to play GTA 5 on iOS devices, then GTA 5 APK is the option. And no worries, you will not miss the ease of playing it on your PC. Here, we will tell you in detail about the process to download it on iOS.

How to download GTA 5 on iOS?

To download GTA 5 APK on iOS, you need to install the Tutu app. When you install the Tutu app, you will be able to download GTA 5 APK from there. The Tutu app is a third-party App Store that enables you to download apps and video games for both Android and iOS.

GTA 5 is a game where the player has to complete missions to achieve rewards and to become rich. It is an exciting game with tough missions.

Pros and Cons

Let’s consider the pros and cons of GTA 5 APK.

  • GTA 5 APK version contains new, modern, and better vehicles.
  • Versatile weapons are available free of cost.
  • Amazing sceneries while you roam around the town.
  • High-quality GTA Graphics make you feel like you are in the real world.
  • Multiplayer mode is also available for you to play with friends.
  • It ensures smooth control of players over the game even on iOS.
  • Almost zero lag on all iOS devices despite the difference in their specifications.
  • Not all buildings are approachable in the game that makes it annoying.
  • Graphics are not as good as they are on PC.
  • It is an addictive game.
  • It makes the players lazy in their daily routines and makes them unable to perform their important tasks on time.


It is a game with smooth controls and exciting features for iOS. If you don’t have money in the game, don’t worry. You can use cheats or codes to ensure the availability of weapons and vehicles. So, download the game and enjoy it. If you still have some questions, then ask us in the comment section below.

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