GTA 5 Cheats Codes Free Download for {Android, IOS, PC} Updated 2020

GTA 5 Cheats – GTA 5, a game with all the fantastic stuff and exciting features is popular among users. It is a game where you can find all the unique items. Either it is racing, driving, riding a bike, or flying a plane. This game gives you real-world experience.

The graphics are amazing. The player can switch between three characters. Multiplayer mode is also available in the game. So, now you can play online with your friends and can enjoy the game with cheats too. Let’s talk about it.


GTA 5 APK Cheats

Consider yourself in a situation in GTA 5, where you have no money and no vehicles. Your opponent is in front of you. So, what you will do to protect yourself? Your health is decreasing by their attack. Yes, you can try to escape from the situation, but what if your enemy catches you? So, there is a solution to this problem. ‘GTA Graphics Tool CHEATS’. You can use these Cheats for getting unique weapons, for versatile vehicles and new looks.

These codes enable you to run fast, to have good health which is necessary for your survival. In short, these cheats allow you to play the game with much ease and double the entertainment. These cheats make your survival possible, and now you can play without any tension. So let’s have a look at these codes and cheats for the better gaming experience

How to apply Cheats in GTA 5

To apply these cheats, you have to press the tilde button (~) and then write the code in the command bar. But for phones or mobile, you have to dial ‘1-999-‘ before the cheats. Let’s have a look at examples.

Max Health

For max health write 1-999-TURTLE. Use the cheat and gain good health that will enable you to survive and play for a long time in the game. It is the most important cheat in the game.


Write 1-999-TOOLUP. Write it and gain a range of amazing weapons that can kill your opponents within seconds.


Write 1-999-SKYDIVE. If you want to have parachute experience, use this cheat code and enjoy the scene from above the sky.

Fast Run

Write 1-999-CATCHME. Move fast and save time. Escape from enemies and complete the missions efficiently.

Fast Swim

Write 1-999-GOTGILLS. Use this cheat and swim in the water. Even you can increase your speed through this cheat and can swim at a higher speed.

Drunk Mode

Write 1-999-LIQUOR. In this mode, the character will feel dizzy and will not be able to run fastly.

Lowering the Wanted Level

Write 1-999-LAWYERUP. If the police are chasing you then get rid of them apply the code and lower the wanted level.

Explosive Bullets

Write 1-999-HIGHEX. Use heavy and fiery weapons to target the enemies and kill them in the play by this cheat.


Write 1-999-POWERUP. This cheat will help you to drive at a fast rate, thus enabling you to cover the area within seconds.


We have tried our best to give you information about the game. If you still have some questions regarding GTA 5 APK cheats, please don’t forget to write back to us in the comment section below.

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