Download GTA GFX Tool Free {Latest Version} for Mobile (2020)

GTA GFX – Do you want to ride a bike, fly in the sky, fight with your rivals, and much more in a single game? If yes, then GTA is the best option for you. Grand Theft Auto (GTA) is a game full of action and adventure. It is a video game series that is full of thrilling missions. The open-world design allows you to move freely from one place to another via vehicles like cars, bikes, etc. So having GFX for GTA is a must. Let’s know more about it here.

The player works as a criminal for the underworld leaders of the city. He is given various missions by different honchos (boss). The players must have to complete the missions to get progress in the game. Also, you can be a good citizen by helping police in fighting with criminals. The game consists of elements like action, adventure, car-jacking, riding, racing, and much more. Taxi driving, racing, and helicopters are also a part of this game. There are many cheats and codes that allow you to own different items in the game, like the appearance of the character, weapons, and cars, etc.

gta gfx

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Now you know about GTA. Let’s discuss what GFX is and the role it plays in the gameplay of GTA. If you have the problem of having low resolution (blurry images) or your game get slacked, then the GFX tool has the potential to solve the problem. Let’s consider the app features to know more about it.

GFX Features

The GFX app has gained popularity because of its amazing features that facilitate the users to play games like a Pro. It is among the most downloaded apps on the Play Store and App Store for games. Amazing graphics and perfect control without any lag is the benefit that it gives to its users. It is the main reason for its popularity.

GFX modifies the resolution of the device to make it compatible with GTA. It enables HDR graphics and unlocks all FPS levels. So it will make high-quality FPS possible on the low-resolution devices. GFX also controls shadows and anti-aliasing in the game. The graphics will now configure smoothly. GFX supports all the versions of GTA. The 60 paces of FPS also deal with mobile to prevent it from overheating.

Why GFX Tool for GTA?

GFX empowers the client to take advantage of having the best graphics, to modify other alternatives like shadows, MSAA that guarantees a better and smooth view, and texture quality. The chief motive of GFX is to remove the slack (laziness) while playing the game. Games like GTA, especially GTA 5, utilize a specific portion of RAM while playing the game. Because of which some mobiles that have low RAM slack during the gameplay. The GTA Graphics tools can be easily attainable on Google Play Store and iOS App Store.

GTA GFX for Android

You can also run GFX on mobile where you will get enough chance to change the graphics of the game. This App’s distinctive features add more flavor to the game. Thus making the gameplay fascinating and addicting too. This tool is just an effortless way to increase your game presentation. Simply open the Play Store and search for GFX. Install the GFX tool by tsoml and enjoy GTA. It will aid the gameplay of many other games too because GFX is a must to have tool for gamers nowadays.

gta gfx


GFX Metal application is the best application for the iPhone. It is a marvelous GFX tool by which you can enhance the performance of the game. If you are a victim of GTA lags or are using a low-end iPad, then, GFX Metal is the most suitable choice for you. This tool is for the games that occupy huge space and have the issue of lags and resolution. So, if you want to change the graphic settings, just simply close the game. Apply the settings of your choice, and then play it again.


Are you tired of playing GTA on a small screen of your smartphone? Or if you are irritated by the calls and annoying notifications on the phone. Just move towards the best alternative PC because the popularity of the smooth gameplay of GTA on PC is far more than that of smartphones. Play GTA on PC with ease like a skilled person. Don’t worry if you are conscious about the graphics because you can install the GFX tool on PC too.

You will first need to download the MEmu installer. MEmu is the best emulator to play mobile games on the PC. And is the most downloaded installer for PC worldwide. After that, open Google Play on the desktop and download the GFX tool. Now use this tool on your PC and enjoy the other games along with GTA too.

  • GTA is a massive game and needs a smooth performance. So GFX is a must.
  • It makes it easier for the player to play without any lag.
  • It ensures HD graphics and high resolution.
  • Works smoothly and creates quality texture.
  • It may cause overheating laptops.
  • Some frames get skipped sometimes.

Final Words

Mostly GTA does not need any graphics tool, but if you feel the need for removing the lags and want to optimize your graphics, then GFX is made to sort out all your problems accordingly. Moreover, it enables you to do any customization and change the graphics of the game without any hurdle. So, install it and don’t forget to share your adventure with us.